Sunday, July 17, 2011

Behind The Ink with Mat Welsh

God I love his CASTLE tattoo! Too cool.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Mutiny Bikes - Heli Test #1

This was a total what the fuck moment for me when I watched the video! The shots are so nice! If you haven't figure it out yet, Joe Simon bought a cam mount that consists of an RC helicopter and by controlling via remote, he can have shots taken from birds eye view as seen in the video. It's also scary to think that if the mount fails, the camera can drop anytime. But I guess it's worth the risk, seeing how lovely the shots are!
Pierce The Veil - Bulletproof Love

The much anticipated MV from PTV is finally out! Would have really loved to see more of the band shots doing their thing rather than the little script that they have playing out. I pretty much love the scene at the stairs though. Fits right along with the lyrics of the song. Mike has grown a gnarly beard but still looks good! All in all, an awesome MV and can't wait for PTV to release new songs, or maybe even before that, come play a show in sg! Haaah!

... drunken mooooooooooon